Banani Ray

And her Books on Meditation, Consciousness, Spiritual Enlightenment, Awakening and Self-realization


Here you can find information on the books of Banani Ray, the enlightened mystic of Himalayan Wisdom tradition. She is an inspired poet, philosopher, spiritual teacher and author of several books on meditation, mysticism and infinite human potential. She has tirelessly worked to de-mystify spirituality and de-link meditation and spirituality from religious sect, Guru-cult and religious organizations. She has continuously worked to help spread the profound and genuine spiritual knowledge and teachings on the profound truths of life in a way so that anyone from anywhere and any background can understand and take advantage of it.

We have a plan to make available a great amount of free information on this site, including numerous articles that will easily and quickly help anyone to look into the deeper levels of wisdom and deeper truth of life. You can also get the insights and knowledge for you to better know who you are, your spiritual identity, and the real purpose of life from a spiritual point of view. Many additional resources for your spiritual knowledge and development will also be made available on this site. This is an attempt to allow wisdom to flow as freely as possible for the well-being of people everywhere.